Rankin & Rankin Employee Benefits Services

Why are employee benefits important?

Comprehensive benefit packages are attractive to job seekers, particularly if benefits extend to their families. Offering a competitive benefit package can give you the edge you need to hire and maintain a quality, dedicated staff.

What types of employee benefits are available?

Medical benefits
  • Healthcare
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Flexible spending account

Life, accident insurance and disability plans
  • Basic and supplemental life
  • Disability
  • Business travel

  • 401(k) savings plans (often includes company matching)

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Rankin Insurance Services Employee Benefits Group Health Insurance
Rankin-Insurance-Services-Group Health
Group Health

Group health insurance is a single policy issued to a group of people, offering uniform healthcare benefits to all members. In most cases, these policies are purchased by employers and offered to eligible employees and their families as part of an employee benefits package. Enrolling in group health insurance generally costs participants less than what they would pay for an individual healthcare policy.

Rankin Insurance Services Employee Benefits Group Disability Insurance
Rankin-Insurance-Services-Group Disability Insurance
Group Disability Insurance

To help provide income in the event of disability, many employers offer their full-time employees group short and long-term disability coverage as a benefit. You can also purchase an individual disability income policy to either supplement a group plan or provide additional coverage if a group plan is unavailable.

Rankin Insurance Services Employee Benefits Worksite Benefits
Rankin-Insurance-Services-Worksite Benefits Insurance
Worksite Benefits Insurance

One of the best ways to attract and retain quality employees is to offer a competitive, comprehensive benefits package. Voluntary benefits, also known as worksite benefits, are a cost-effective solution to help employees offset out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Rankin Insurance Services Employee Benefits Group Dental Insurance
Rankin-Insurance-Services-Group Dental Insurance
Group Dental Insurance

Your employees will have a wide choice of dentists and coverage for the most common services. You’ll choose from a broad range of traditional and hybrid-style Group Dental plans. Optional add-ons let you increase plan value and flexibility.

Rankin Insurance Services Employee Benefits Group Vision Insurance
Rankin-Insurance-Services-Group Vision Insurance
Group Vision Insurance

Build a better benefits package with a quality Group Vision plan your employees expect. Plans are employer-paid or voluntary and offer employees access to the vision care they need.

Rankin Insurance Services Employee Benefits Group Supplemental Health Insurance
Rankin-Insurance-Services-Supplemental Health Insurance
Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental Insurance works to cover any gaps in your Health Insurance plan. This can include any out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments that you cannot afford. It can also provide cash benefits to assist you in certain situations such as, high living expenses, loss of income due to an illness or injury, and money to pay for medication.

Rankin Insurance Services Employee Benefits Group Medicare Supplement Insurance
Rankin-Insurance-Services-Medicare Supplement Insurance
Medicare Supplement Insurance

We can assist you through the entire process and we offer services at no additional cost or fees! Contact us today for a no-obligation, affordable Medicare Supplement or MedAdvantage plan quote. We are your trusted local and independent agent to quote major MediGap (aka Medi Gap), Medicare Supplement, Med Advantage, Part D, PDP, & Medicare Supplemental carriers.