Customer Testimonials

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Jason Bunting
Jason Bunting

Always helpful, friendly, and assists in a timely manner.

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Steve Norman
Steve Norman

Very professional staff. When no one else would insure my place due to its age, they smiled at me and said, ''No problem.'' It may be a business, but you feel like family walking into their doors.

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Darla Wahl
Darla Wahl

I believe that I've had my car insurance with Rankin & Rankin for 35 years! When we bought our house we got our homeowners insurance there also. Always excellent service and great staff! It's important to deal with a local business that cares about its customers and the community. :-)

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Doris Mccoy
Doris Mccoy

Please continue to thrive local American business's

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Joan Howell
Joan Howell

Great people! Professional, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions! Would definitely recommend them. Have been dealing with them for 20+ years!

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Betty Jasper
Betty Jasper

Have car and home insurance with Rankin & Rankin for over 40 years. Great company!!

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Alma Thompson
Alma Thompson

I have had insurance with you for yearsyears. You have done well for me.

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Brian Diamond
Brian Diamond

We came to Rankin & Rankin from a previous insurance provider looking for updated rates and coverage. We have been extremely impressed how prompt and knowledgeable they are at meeting our account requests.

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Sandy L.
Sandy L.

They have been our personal and business insurance provider for almost 40 years. Cannot imagine having another as they treat you as though you are their only customer. Five Stars For Sure!

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Wess McCullough
Wess McCullough

These guys are the best! Outstanding Service. They have been helping us since my Father started the business over 30 years ago.

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Patty Melick
Patty Melick

My husband and I have been with Rankin and Rankin for our insurance needs for over 25 years. We haven't had alot of claims but when needs arose, we were always treated with respect and efficient service.

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Burl L.
Burl L.

Absolutely some of the finest staff. Their customer support and claims adjuster are second to none. A very impressive team.

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Tracy Hill
Tracy Hill

Rankin and Rankin, definitely takes the time for me (ALL the time) to make sure I have the coverage that I need --- I soooooo appreciate you!

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Linda Kay Eveland
Linda Kay Eveland

You have always been good to me

Rankin-Rankin-Insurance-Services-Client-Testimonials-Megan McLain Durst
Megan McLain Durst

Great insurance offerings at competitive rates. The staff is also great - assistance when needed.